Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gardening? Not so much

I don't like to brag much but my garden is amazing. In terms of biomass tonnage grown I would hazard a guess that my garden is one of the most prolific in Yakima. We only grow one crop though: WEEDS.

I see in magazines how some chef in New York or San Fransisco is wowing the foodie world with his own herb garden where he specializes in 400 different kinds of organic hand grown, hand massaged, prayed over and sun kissed baby whatevers. I am not that chef.

Now don't get me wrong, I have plans to grow a herb garden here at Sage, and have talked to the architect about modifying some of our roof space to accomodate a medium sized herb garden (are you reading this Don? =) ), but my garden at home is where the wild things are. I spent over an hour last night "weed logging" and finally killed off the madness before the locally grown, totally sustainable crop of weeds which had sprung up organically (note the use of key words in that last sentence that gets the foodies all revved up) started attacking the house.

There were some legitimate 9 footers that had to be tamed and of course I waited until the sun was shining brightly on what was probably the hottest day left in this miserable summer, so streaming with sweat, covered in dirt and fluff from the weeds I did valorous battle with my garden. I wanted to hit the whole patch with weaponized defoliant, but my stocks of Agent Orange and napalm have run low, and I'm not sure that SYSCO carries that stuff. Also, Michelle said she did actually want to grow something there at some future date so all my prayers to the Almighty to salt the earth in his wrath were ignored.

The mistake I made was thinking that I had time or interest for some kind of engaging hobby. Next time I am making the garden here at Sage and just adding it to the work load because then it will get done. Hobbies? Especially those with time requirements? Bad idea.

I learned something here I hope.

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