Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julie & Julia

Just saw this movie on monday and liked it. Good food movie even though it wasn't about chefs. Julia Child was an amazing person and learning more about her personal story was great, she is such an inspiration. There was NO REASON she should have had any of the success she did, the French at Le Cordon Bleu didn't want to teach her, people didn't want to publish her cookbook, and she wasn't a real chef (in the sense that she never actually cooked for a living and managed a professional kitchen). She kept going anyway. She ignored all the haters and just pushed herself along the road she knew she should be on. She changed the way America thought about food, and thus, itself. I would have loved to have met her. Icon is too small a word for her.

Go see the movie.

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  1. Hi Chef Jeff. I just saw the movie and I was quite inspired too by Julia Child. The same worked for Julie. The movie inspired me to pursue my dreams and to build a blog for myself. And, I am happy to stumble upon this blog because it's nice that a chef like you would also be interested and find the time to write a blog about Julie and Julia. More power Chef Jeff.

    I am Kairen of